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There is no going back to the days of a stable, homogenous workforce. A diverse society brings forth change in every arena and a more diverse workforce highlights the need for different and more flexible approaches to work.

However workers today seriously question whether organizations can live up to the task of embracing diversity and it seems to some that the notions of loyalty and job security are dreams of a by-gone era.

They ask us what is left after people have been torn apart by mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and layoffs?

We say – we have each other!

We believe the ripple effect of changes in the marketplace means one possible antidote to a creeping sense of cynicism is when people find a deeper meaning in their work and their actions. We already know that young people aren’t giving in to the idea that they don’t make a difference. And this energy inspires more and more of us on a quest for greater meaning in our lives.

We can feel it happening, and see it every day as values and virtues are discussed more openly, and people start to think more about their personal and professional legacy. Will I be known as a good person who cared about their community and built relationships or someone who put in more hours than anyone else at the office?

We also believe CWIF can lead the way and take action to create a climate where people can bring their whole selves to work and not just their heads and hands.

Recently, Rosanna Caira, Editor/Publisher of Kostuch Media Ltd stated “It’s clear that in these days of ethical and corporate responsibility, a new breed of restaurant operator has emerged, one who wants to educate and change consumer perceptions, not only about what food is, and what it can be, but also to show how restaurants can contribute to a stronger sense of community.”

With this kind of perspective leading the way, we are inspired that there will be countless opportunities for us to make a difference and to create a sense of meaning in our lives and to build a sense of community that includes us all.

cwif_facepic_cappletonCheryl Appleton
Founder and Community Manager, CWIF



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