Canada’s food sector makes an enormous contribution to our national economy and is responsible for more than 9 per cent of GDP and 2.3 million jobs, roughly 13 per cent of all employment in Canada (i).

We are challenging the ways the food industry may be minimizing funding needs for women-owned businesses and potentially limiting the pathways to innovation and future success.

By establishing Canadian Women in Food (CWIF) as a national social enterprise (3), we want to stir up women in the food industry, encourage them to be visible, nourish their spirit by creating connections with other women, and create business initiatives that are owned and driven by the members.

“A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external stakeholders.” (iii)

We believe the business initiatives we offer to our members are a key differentiator of CWIF. Women tell us that they often join several networking groups when starting their own business as a way to make industry contacts and potentially cultivate clients, but the return on their time for participating is unclear. We want to change that model and be fully transparent.

Members of CWIF can benefit from opportunities to accelerate their business exposure, to enhance their professional connections, to elevate their profile among women who will support them, to be recognized by the industry and the community, to enrich their experience with learning seminars, and to receive:


A 100% refund on membership through volunteering

That’s right – we want to give your money back to you because we value your energy and expertise more!

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