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Feature Sponsor – Step In Marketing

cwif_sponsor_StepTell us about your business, your role, and what fun (and perhaps humourous) connections you have to the food and beverage industry:

A results-driven Marketing & Sales Service company, STEP IN provides innovative thinking, exceptional project management and flawless execution, and a steadfast commitment to meeting clients’ budget and timeline expectations. The company founder – Sue Martin – delivers 20+ years of cross-functional expertise in Tier 1 CPG Brand Management, Account Direction for a promotion agency and Marketing and Business Management leadership in a B2B Foodservice sales organization. She has excelled not only as a client service provider but also as a client herself, so has an innate understanding of the challenges faced by clients in today’s increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace.

Given such a broad-based professional background, Sue’s expertise lies in her ability to “step into” a business challenge or opportunity that needs to be managed and executed, on a project-by-project basis, and then “step out” when the objective has been achieved. The core capabilities offered by STEP IN are:

S trategic Analysis
T   actical Execution & Business Development
E   vent Planning and Production
P   roject Management

A commitment to these core capabilities allow STEP IN to provide exceptional service in the areas of event management, promotions, trade shows, product launches, digital and web creation, advertising, direct marketing, copywriting, public relations, business development, presentations and support materials. Current clients include: CHD-Expert Canada, Restaurants Canada, Canadian Women in Food, Best Menu Boards, League of Rock.

is equally adept at both the creative and the analytical sides of brand communication strategy and skilled in leveraging relationships and partnerships to maximize synergies. Contact us today to find out how STEP IN can STEP IN to help.


Sue’s commitment to the food industry was more than just a happy accident as she, in fact, grew up in the restaurant business. She’s washed dishes, served customers, cleaned the flattop grill and peeled what felt like a million apples for her Mom’s deep-dish apple pie, a customer favourite at her parents’ central Ontario restaurant and catering business. When people tell you that the food industry gets in your blood, it’s absolutely true!

A pivotal career moment for Sue was when she almost flooded the Direct Energy Centre attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the Largest Bloody Caesar in the World – key learnings included:

  • When people band together for a common goal, it is amazing what they can accomplish!
  • Only 3% of Guinness World Record attempts are ever achieved (at least this is what the Guinness rep said when he reassured her to be proud of the attempt!)
  • Be very thankful that the engineer on the project decided to test the structural integrity of the 10 foot tall acrylic glass one more time, in an outside facility – so when the damn thing imploded the night before the record attempt was taking place, at least there wasn’t a sea of 1000 gallons of Bloody Caesar flowing through the CRFA Show site!

Is there something very special about your product and/or service that you are proud to mention or celebrate?

Broad-based general management expertise means that STEP IN can offer many different types of services to a wide spectrum of clients – every day brings new learnings and exciting opportunities for growth.
The 10-step commute to my home office continues to motivate me!
I’ve been able to combine my true passions – people, food and music – to create what, for me, is the perfect career!

What does it mean to you to sponsor CWIF?

Being a part of building and communicating the vision for CWIF is immensely gratifying. In just a short period of time, I’ve been introduced to so many inspirational food pioneers and I’m thrilled to help them as they continue their journey to success (whatever that looks like for them).

For the record what is the best way to reach you?
Sue Martin
Founder, STEP IN Marketing Solutions


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